Internships/Summer Funding for Americorp JD (1Ls & 2Ls)

Equal Justice Works’ AmeriCorps JD program provides 1Ls and 2Ls with an opportunity to serve local communities this summer. I wanted to follow up with you specifically because we have organizations in Tennessee and Arkansas that are still actively seeking interns for this program. Participants receive an educational award of $1,230 for three hundred hours of service and can work on issues of employment, veterans, disaster relief, immigration and/or elder abuse. Last year, the University of Memphis did not have any students participate in this program and we’d love to change that for this summer!


There are two ways your students can participate in AmeriCorps JD:


  • If students are still looking for an internship this summer, they should check out our list of over 100 organizations currently seeking candidates. The following sites are recruiting in Tennessee and Arkansas:
    • Immigration
      • Volunteer Immigrant Defense Advocates (Knoxville)
    • Elder
      • Tennessee Justice Center (Nashville)
      • West Tennessee Legal Services (Jackson)
      • Legal Aid of Arkansas (Jonesboro)
  • If they’ve already secured an internship for this summer, students should review the application guidelines and apply! Nearly all law school clinics and nonprofit organizations working on the aforementioned issues qualify. Note that students cannot receive more than $4,422 in other funding for their internship to be eligible.

In most instances, each site is recruiting at least two AmeriCorps JD members to serve on each issue area they are listed under. This year, we have over 800 hundred slots nationwide reserved for those interested in this program and will be accepting participants on a rolling basis until the positions are filled. Please encourage your students to apply as soon as possible!


If you or any of your students are interested in a quick overview of the program and the application process, check out today’s webinar “Crash Course: Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps JD Program” at 12:15pm ET. If you’re unable to make it live, register and you’ll be sent a recording of the presentation.


Let me know if you have any questions.




Claire Cusella

Program Manager

Law School Engagement & Advocacy

(p) 202.466.3686 ext. 112

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