3Ls – PMBR Prep Course Discounts

Attention 3Ls!

PMBR has been the leader in MBE prep for over four decades and is a supplement to your traditional bar review course. The Combination Course provides a 7-day question-based-review program for each MBE subject before you begin bar prep as well as an outline QBank, a book with additional practice questions known as the Red Book, and a mock MBE followed by 2 days of question-based-review lectures, after your traditional bar prep course is over.

PMBR Combination Course: List Price: $999

Memphis 3L exclusive offer: Enroll by Friday 4/14: $499. After 4/14: $699.

You can add PMBR to your bar studies no matter which commercial bar prep course you plan to use! It will bookend your course and provide you with a different set of practice questions and mock exams to help you boost your MBE score. Take a closer look at pmbr.com.

Email daphne.bugelli@kaplan.com to enroll.

Daphne Bugelli, Esq.

Regional Director – Kaplan Bar Review

248.770.9512 (cell)

Watch a Course Demonstration Here

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