Memphis Law +1 Event!

The end of another semester brings with it the opportunity to look forward.  Memphis Law +1 is going to be doing just that on Thursday, April 13th during the lunch hour.  If you know about Memphis Law +1 then this is a great way to fellowship with other students who are tackling the challenges of law school and family life.  If you don’t know about Memphis Law +1 then this is a great time to see the resources that are available to you as a student with an active family life.  Either way, this event is a way to stay current on what the organization is doing and what we have planned for next year.

So what is happening?  We are meeting in the lobby of the school at noon to discuss some basics of where the organization is going in the future (in case you were concerned, it will NOT be going away next year).  We will be walking, as a group, to court square to enjoy lunch at food truck thursday!  The main thing is that we see each other, connect with each other, and get a chance to eat good food.  The secondary goal will be to give information & discuss considerations for the 2017-18 board of the organization.

Please join us for a good, relaxing lunch hour with great food, people & information.

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