Registration (Summer and Fall) begins next week!

Here are a few things you should know:

  • READ THE REGISTRATION MEMOS – There is one for Summer and Fall. There is A LOT of important information contained in those.
  • Are you a veteran, were you an athlete on main campus in the past, do have disability accommodations, etc.? Have you needed an Alternate PIN in the past? Notify the Registrar’s office, so we can clear it.  Certain courses fill up quickly and if you do not have this cleared, it will delay your registration and could compromise your seat in in-demand courses.
  • The following are critical registration errors and could keep you from getting a seat in the course(s) you (really, really) want. 
    • Do you owe the University money? If yes,  you may have a hold on your account. You cannot register with a hold on your account. Look for TigerXpress under the Account$ tab on your myMemphis page to make sure your balance is zero.
    • Check for pre-requisites for all the courses you anticipate registering for. If you register, and do not meet the pre-requisite, you will be booted (even as late as the first day of class…YIKES!).
    • Do not register out of turn. 
      • Veterans Only – Monday, April 3 AT 8:00 A.M.
      • 43+ attempted hours –Tuesday, April 4 AT 9:00 A.M.
      • 15-42 attempted hours – Thursday April 6 AT 9:00 A.M.
      • 0-14 attempted hours – Friday, April 7 AT 9:00 A.M.
    • Make sure the amount of hours you are registering for are allowed for your GPA or course. [Academic Reg. 5.1 states “. . .no student with less than a 2.5 cumulative grade point average may enroll in more than 16 credit hours in a semester.” The reg. also states, “Unless permission of the Dean is obtained, no student enrolled in an extern program may be enrolled in more than 16 credit hours, including the externship.”]
    • Students must secure permission from the Dean to transfer from a part-time program to a full-time program, and vice versa. Do not register for too much or not enough hours with out permission.
    • Check the Exam Schedule. No exceptions in the Exam Schedule will be made unless written approval is obtained from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs prior to enrolling. Requests must be submitted in writing.
  • All rising 2Ls will register themselves. If you have questions about how to register yourself, stop by the Registrar’s office. [Dean’s wing, Room 262]
  • If you were notified you had a seat in a skills or seminar course, the Registrar’s office will register you for those courses.
  • There are still openings in the following skills courses. Check the Course Catalog that you’ve met any prerequisites, then email Cheryl Edwards if you want a seat.
    • ADR: Mediation (Cantrell)
    • Trial Advocacy (Craft and Nichols)
    • Legal Drafting: Litigation (Chambliss)
  • There are still openings in Dean Mulroy’s Federal Discrimination seminar.  Email Cheryl Edwards if you want a seat.

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